Uber // Eating the PR Elephant

When you’re GEICO, you help people save 15% or more on car insurance.

When you’re Uber, you have a PR problem. People think you’re sleazy, have sketchy drivers and simply don’t trust you.

So what do you do to earn back trust?

One of the things you do is to be transparent. So if riders suspect you’re invading their privacy or misusing their data, you pull back the curtain.

The ‘Uber Movement’ is Uber’s way of taking data and helping local markets to improve infrastructure. And emails like the below show:

  • Uber wants to have a relationship with me beyond the car – they email me directly
  • Uber admits they collect data, but show it’s done for good
  • And prove it’s in service of helping you and your local communities, so it’s purposeful

Whether or not this directly impacts me, hearing from them makes it feel like they have less to hide. And that slowly makes me think they’re less sketchy.

So as Uber, when you have a PR problem, you eat the elephant one bit at a time. And transparency is one of those bites.

Uber TransparencyUber Transparency-2Uber Transparency-3Uber Transparency-4