What’s Your Why?

I went to a Simon Sinek talk last night.

For peeps who don’t know him, Simon’s basically an authority on humans. Our history, how we think and what inspires us. He’s v popular too.

His whole spiel last night was about ‘Finding Your Why’ – aka the purpose in your life and how to get inspired (similar talk here). He talks about this idea a lot.

Simon Sinek 92Y

Now that 24 hours have passed, a few things still linger in my mind. Which hopefully means they’ll resonate with you too:

  • There’s ‘what’ we do, there’s ‘how’ we do it, but we struggle with ‘why’ we do it
  • Knowing what inspires you is the key to our happiness
  • And know what inspires us allows us to inspire others (everyone wins)
  • And inspiring others is how to ‘outlive your life’ – because others pay it forward
  • The world sucks at developing true leaders (not ‘people who lead’, but leaders)
  • His mentor is a current Comcast client of mine. So that was cool

Want to find your why? I’ve got a few ideas. Some from Simon, some from mentors.

  1. Create a list and spend thoughtful time (days) drafting this list. One one side, list ’10 Things I’m Interested In’. On the other, list ’10 of My Greatest Strengths’. This will get you thinking about who ‘you’ are at your core. And a job or hobby that marries some of these interests and strengths is likely to be inspiring and ‘why’-driven.
  2. Go to your best, best friends. Ask them, ‘Why are we friends’? It’ll be weird at first. But then they’ll describe your greatest strengths because that’s what makes them want to be friends with you. Identify those strengths and how it inspires people to friendship, and apply those points elsewhere in life.

Last observation – Simon strongly prefers to literally take the selfie with fans, rather than have others take the pic. I love that.



A funny thing happened…

I went to therapy tonight. On the subway back, I didn’t take my phone out. Once. 45 MINUTES.

A woman sat down next to me. She had the same LL Bean camo tote bag that I gave my girlfriend. We had a conversation about it.

Chances of me saying something had I had my phone out, aimlessly browsing a bunch of bullshit, are about zero.

Moral of the story? Put your goddamn phone away sometimes. I legitimately feel like a happier human after doing so.

Then watch THIS.