Nike stores aren’t stores

Back in May, I went into the Nike SoHo store and was blown away.

It’s not a store, that’s the thing. It’s an experience. It’s a museum. It’s a showcase. No one’s trying to sell you things – they ask if they can help or simply just let you wander.

The layout is so intuitive. Each floor is different – whether that’s sports or types of clothing.

The best part? THERE’S NO CHECKOUT COUNTER. Every employee must know everything about the store – AND be able to check you out. They all have cell phone checkouts so you can buy wherever you want in the store. So efficient. No waiting in line.

And by having amazing displays in the upfront, everyone is drawn into the store, take pictures and stay longer. Which means brand engagement and more time in-store to help drive purchase.

So many things another brand with brick-and-mortars can takeaway.