A funny thing happened…

I went to therapy tonight. On the subway back, I didn’t take my phone out. Once. 45 MINUTES.

A woman sat down next to me. She had the same LL Bean camo tote bag that I gave my girlfriend. We had a conversation about it.

Chances of me saying something had I had my phone out, aimlessly browsing a bunch of bullshit, are about zero.

Moral of the story? Put your goddamn phone away sometimes. I legitimately feel like a happier human after doing so.

Then watch THIS.

Chubbies for the win.

Sometimes it’s just the simple shit.

Bonobos has sneaky good marketing. Get past the rhetoric lifted straight from my fraternity and you’ll see they’ve got some smart people thinking about effective shit.

Take this INSERT for example. I buy two shirts and in the package when it gets delivered, there’s a SAMPLE of another shirt. Who the hell samples shirts? Is that a thing? Well when you’re trying to show what ‘ultra soft brushed cotton’ is like, you can’t describe it – you just gotta feel it.


Add in some damn witty copy, good humor and a badass cut-out that looks like a shirt, and your point has been MADE. Plus they already know I’m in the market for shirts – so it’s that much more effective.

Well played Chubsters, well played.

Lyft + Coming Out Day

They killed it. Simple Snap ads that ran during the #NationalComingOutDay Snap story yesterday. Colorful. Eye-catching. Culturally-relevant. On brand. Delivers on purpose. Multiple executions. Branding at the end. BOOM. Nailed it.

PS – ‘Ride’ not ‘Rid’.