It’s the little things.

No idea if this was intentional, but if it was, it’s simple … and brilliant.

Walked out of Union Square subway station today and into Food Emporium to get groceries, like the domestic boyfriend that I am.

And first thing I noticed is the ‘Grab n Go’ station. PLEASE tell me whomever designed this store did this on purpose.


People commuting at the beginning and end of the day who want something quick to grab and go to / from the office. It makes total sense.

So why do I give a shit about this? If it was intentional, it’s someone thinking like the consumer.

Most supermarkets have some stupid fruit aisle or long walkway up towards cash registers when you walk in. Antithetical to your shopping needs.

Instead, right outside a subway, whomever planned this put the commuting consumer needs FIRST and made this the first thing you hit when you walk in that entrance.

And that says a lot about a brand.

Whether you’re a grocery store, Under Armor or restaurant, tailoring your retail to what most benefits the consumer (rather than manipulates them) is f-ing awesome. Good for business because it’s good for the consumer.

You go, Glenn Coco.

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