Just get out there.

You can read stats and opinions and reviews all day.

But until you actually go out and experience a product and service for yourself, you won’t truly get it.

It’s that simple.

So when Brian Roberts, crazy boss CEO of Comcast and bajillionaire, goes to the mall and takes a London cab to get there to understand the product from the consumer’s POV, you have to love it.

“The cab driver was incredibly knowledgeable about the difference between Virgin and Sky in every feature. We were learning a lot there. Then when we to the Sky store, we spent at least an hour going through every feature and comparing it to our own … We were really terribly impressed.”

Lesson here? Whether you’re working for a haircut company, mop-manufacturer or considering buying a TV network for $31B, just go out and try the product, hear how salespeople pitch it and ask people what they think.

No amount of white paper research or stats can compare to that.

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