Elon is lightyears ahead (literally).


Launching a car into space. WTF.

A) How the fuck do you even get that kinda thing ‘approved’. Like who signs off on that?

B) Musk is an insane marketer. He does epic stunts like this for the PR that help make his company well-known and favorably thought of.

So what if that doesn’t drive sales today?

Things like yesterday’s Falcon Heavy launch and the release of the Roadster into orbit (with that awesome dude strapped into the seat belts) make people care.

And when people know what you do and get excited about it, it makes it easier to raise money, generate future demand / sales and partner with forward-thinkers. All of which helps advance his mission.

So keep doing you, Musk. Your stunts even have non-space-geeks like me interested in what you’re doing.

Brands would benefit to think along the same lines.

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