Two Wins By Bonobos

I love the clothes. And apparently loads of other peeps do to given Walmart shelling out for them.

But two things this week caught my eye from Bonobos, the guys who dominate the Millennial menswear market.

First, their POV on Cyber Monday in ‘Ninjas for a Day‘. The idea and concept is smart – show our dedication to our customers by having everyone in the company tackle customer service on the busiest day of the year.

It’s democratic. It’s relatable. It communicates value of the customer experience. It’s above and beyond. And it’s PR-worthy.

Sure, the email with the video came through a bit wonky and the production value of the video likely could’ve been a bit higher, but it shows what the company believes in by choosing to spend marketing dollars on an initiative, not just some X% off on Cyber Monday.

Second, this partnership with Give Back Box. Whoever stands to benefit from this financially is irrelevant, because this is more a brand reputation and values play for Bonobos, while helping do some good in the world.

It’s efficient. Costs no money for them (as far as I know) and reiterates a level of ‘good’ about the company that leaves me (the consumer) feeling better about a purchase with Bonobos.


Put these two things together and they’re starting to seem like a pretty great, grounded brand that I’ll continue to buy from.

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